‘Enormous danger’: 10,000 Devout Muslims Leave Europe to ‘Rape and Murder’ for ISIS, Security Chief Warns

More of Obama’s legacy. There was no Islamic State before the plant took office.

AROUND 10,000 people from European countries have “set out to rape and murder in Syria and Iraq” under the Islamic State, the new chairman of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has said.

By Jon Rogers, The Express, January 14, 2017 (thanks to Religion of Peace):
Sebastian Kurz made the remarks during his first speech in his new role, warning that those who return from the Middle East countries pose an “enormous danger” to Europe.
Mr Kurz, who is also Austria’s foreign minister said that stronger action against terrorism by radicalised and extremist Islamists was needed across all the 57 member states that comprise the group.

He told the Permanent Council: “We know that around 10,000 people from the OSCE area have set out to rape and murder in Syria and Iraq.isis in europe

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“They are also an enormous danger when they return.”
“We want to contribute to strengthening co-operative security and defusing existing conflicts.”

The 30-year-old politician wanted to particularly focus on young people who were being radicalised.
He said: “Youth is the population group most widely affected by radicalisation in its various forms.
“As a politician or decision maker it is therefore crucial to listen to youth.

“As the Chairman of the OSCE I want to go even one step further – we must give a voice to youth and let them become a partner in our efforts to counter violent extremism.
“We must work together to identify and address root causes and triggers for the seduction and radicalisation of young people.
“And we must empower our youth to address this phenomenon in our societies.

“Tolerance and respect will enhance their resilience against these con men.”
Sebastian Kurz

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz (L) attends the EU general affairs council meeting
He added: “Armed conflicts continue to take thousands of lives, and have caused displacement and devastation in recent years.
Mr Kurtz proposed that member states exchange their knowledge about de-radicalisation programmes and learn from one another.

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