Four Muslims Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Attack Convert to Christianity in Germany

Every time one of these attacks happens, German citizens should send a thank-you card to Angela Merkel. The destruction of their country is her doing.

Islamist terrorism

“Four Muslims Attack Convert in Germany,” The Eponymous Flower, August 29, 2016:

Maintal ( idea) An Afghan Christian (31) has been attacked in Maintal (near Frankfurt) by four Muslim Afghans. They are to have shouted “Allahu akbar” (Allah is great) and they wanted to kill him. This was announced by a volunteer of the Evangelical Free Church (FeG) Hanau, Benjamin Dauth (Maintal), with the Evangelical News Agency idea. The Afghan – his name is known to idea, however, not mentioned for security reasons – visited the community worship and worked as a volunteer translator in a refugee camp in the city.Islam in Germany

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The attack occurred on the evening of 17 August. While getting on his bike, the Afghan Christian was outside his apartment, an Afghan tried to prevented him. He is said to have been with three other Afghans who had been hiding earlier whom he called out, that this was the “opportunity.” Then, to have punched and kicked him all four while shouting “Allahu akbar.”

The victim tried to pull away. Then to one of the Muslims shouted “kill him!” One of the attackers then is to have pulled a knife and tried to attack the Christians….

At the hospital, bruises on the shoulder, forearm and face were found on the Christian.

According to Dauth it was the third such attack on Afghan Christians. The situation is particularly difficult for him because he had converts [sic] from Islam to Christianity, “Who speaks openly about his faith as a convert to devout Muslims and does not hide his cross, is not safe in Germany.

“The Afghan Christian is still in the asylum procedure and has worked for a temporary employment agency. Three of the four attackers are housed, according to the victim in the refugee shelter in Maintal, in which he himself has worked as a translator. The fourth is allegedly living in Darmstadt.

As Dauth further said, other refugees from the Maintaler housing facility had warned the Afghan Christians of an attack. The Muslim Afghans had talked about it in advance….

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