FRANCE HORROR: Female journalist ‘raped by knife-wielding migrants’ at camp

FRANCE HORROR: Female journalist ‘raped by knife-wielding migrants’ at camp

This is not the first reporter sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants. And still the media continues to peddle the “poor migrants” narrative, and they have since the invasion began, in spite of the terror (which they cover up). Well, they got what they wanted — migrants. Did they think they would somehow be spared? Did they think that they would escape the terror that everyday Europeans are now forced to live with?FRANCE HORROR

I recall a leftwing activist who was raped but didn’t report it because it would reflect badly on Muslim migrants.

I am sure this rapist will get off (no pun intended). He will say culturally (in other words, Islam) that he is permitted to do such things, encouraged, even, to infidel women, and to prosecute him for his religious beliefs is islamophobia.

“CALAIS HORROR: Female journalist ‘raped by knife-wielding migrants’ at Jungle camp,” By Nick Gutteridge, The Express, Oct 18, 2016

A FEMALE interpreter working on a documentary about the plight of vulnerable refugee children has been raped at knifepoint in the Calais migrant camp, French police revealed today.

The terrified 38-year-old was robbed by three armed men from the Jungle, one of whom raped her whilst the other two threatened her colleague with a blade.

The unidentified woman, who was helping a journalist from a French news broadcaster, was attacked in the early hours of this morning at the entrance of the notorious shanty town.

French prosecutors today confirmed that they had “proof” the woman was raped, and said they have collected DNA evidence to help them find the attackers. The trio are believed to be from Afghanistan, and are now on the run from the police.The woman was living in Paris, although originally from Afghanistan, and had been employed to interpret for migrants speaking the Pashtun language which is common in her homeland and neighbouring Pakistan.

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The notorious camp is extremely dangerous for women

Police say they have DNA evidence to try and track the attacker down

The shocking incident is just the latest example of the extreme violence plaguing the Calais migrant camp, and comes just a day after journalists from Sky News were attacked by asylum seekers hurling rocks.In a statement local prosecutor Pascal Marconville said: “A 38-year-old interpreter from Afghanistan, who is living in Paris, was accompanying a freelance journalist from a production company who was preparing a documentary for [a French news channel] on unaccompanied minors.”
He said the pair were attending a pre-arranged meeting with migrants inside the Jungle when they encountered “three individuals, speaking Pashtun, armed with a knife”.jungle-camp-688403

He added: “They attacked them and stole their equipment and their camera. While two of the individuals threatened the journalist with a knife, the third raped the young female interpreter.”

The woman was immediately taken to hospital after the attack to be checked over, and she then filed a complaint of rape at the police station in Calais.Journalists and aid workers have been frequently warned about the dangers of working in the Jungle camp, which contains a small hardcore of serious criminals amongst its approximately 6,000 refugees.
This week Sky News journalist Mark Stone revealed how he and his crew suffered a terrifying ordea in Calais when they were attacked by a gang of migrants hurling rocks.

The TV reporter and his crew were left “cut, bruised and without one of their cameras” after being ambushed in the middle of the night near a petrol station on a road leading to the town’s port.

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