France: Jihad threat at Nice airport as Muslim threatens bomb attack and to cut passengers’ throats

Europe at war — while its politicians are in full surrender mode. A few months ago there was the truck jihad attack in Nice, and now this. Much more is to come.

France Jihad

“Terror threat at Nice airport: Man threatens bomb attack and to cut passengers’ throats,” by Romina McGuinness, Express, October 19, 2016:

AN ISLAMIST was arrested after threatening to blow up Nice Airport and slit the throats of passengers with the help of Islamic State (ISIS) soldiers.

The 32-year-old also attacked two police officers as he said he would target their families as well as women and children in the airport.

The suspected terrorist, known only as Rocco M., suffers from schizophrenia, a chronic and severe mental disorder, and is currently in detention awaiting trial.

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The man, known only as Rocco M, turned up at the Aviapartner check-in desk at Nice airport on Sunday, and erupted into a rage when an employee told him there was no reservation under his name.

An Aviapartner spokesperson said a “delirious” Rocco M mentioned an “imaginary Facebook friend” he was due to go to Barcelona with.

But Rocco M refused to back down. He suddenly became very aggressive and launched a volley of abuse at the Aviapartner employee, who was forced to call the police for help.

When police officers rushed to the scene Rocco M said he would “slit their throats and the throats of their wives and children”, and threatened to “blow the place up”. He then started throwing punches, slightly injuring two of the policemen.

Local officials claim Rocco M is a “vulnerable adult” who cannot be left alone and who has spent much of the past five years as a patient in a psychiatric hospital….

Nice prosecutor Jean-Michel Prêtre also confirmed Rocco M is an ISIS supporter: “His behaviour has led us to believe that he is an extremist who is attracted to ISIS’s hard-core ideology. His actions are deeply troubling.”

The radicalised jihadist appeared in court on Tuesday, but, in light of his mental illness, judges postponed his trial date which has been set for November 28.

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