French Muslim high school girls ‘the lionesses’ held over jihad-terror plot

French Muslim high school girls ‘the lionesses’ held over jihad-terror plot

The Islamic State frequently uses the term lions for Muslim soldiers waging holy war in the cause of Islam (jihad). A fighter of the Islamic State militant group praised the wholesale slaughter of the editorial staff at Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine. “The lions of Islam have avenged our Prophet,” said Abu Mussab, a Syrian who fights with the Islamic State, which has captured broad swathes of Iraqi and Syrian territory.

“These are our lions. It’s the first drops—more will follow.”

Schoolchildren reads in a classroom during a visit of French National Education minister on February 22, 2016 in Le Havre, northwestern France. / AFP PHOTO / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU

Muslims celebrated the NYC bomb: “The lions of the Caliphate roar in New York, we cau
se you pain inside your house.”

ISIS praised Orlando nightclub jihad Omar Mateen as a “lion of the Caliphate.” There’s more, much more, but you get the picture.

Where did these Muslim girls teens pray? Is their mosque being investigated? Their families? Their imam? Their friends?

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The Local, February 28, 2017:
Three French school girls nicknamed “the lionesses” who had links to a known jihadist recruiter and terror plotter were arrested in separate raids on Tuesday.
Counter-terror police arrested the high school girls on Tuesday morning, judicial sources told L’Express newspaper.
At least one of them was planning an attack on French soil, according to the France 3 channel.
The girls were understood to have connections to French jihadist and chief terror plotter Rachid Kassim, who French and American authorities say was killed in an air strike in Iraq earlier this month.
The girls were understood to have been communicating with Kassim via the messaging app Telegram,. and were part of a group they called Les Lionnes (“The Lionesses”).
One of them, aged 19, was arrested in a raid at a property Creil, in the Oise department (see map below).

Another was arrested in the suburbs of Paris, while the location of the third raid remains unreported.
Kassim was a major concern for French anti-terror investigators after he was found to be in contact through the app with numerous people who have either carried out attacks in France or been arrested on suspicion of planning terror strikes.
He had appeared in several Telegram videos made in Syria and Iraq urging attacks in France.
Kassim is believed to have inspired an attack last year in which a senior French policeman and his partner were knifed to death and another in which an elderly priest’s throat was cut as he said mass.
Investigators believe he also directed three women suspected of seeking to blow up a car packed with gas cylinders near Notre Dame cathedral in central Paris this month.
French authorities say they have solved numerous terror plots in recent months.
Only weeks ago arrests were made in the city of Clermont-Ferrand and Marseille over a suspected plot to attack Paris.

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