Georgetown Professor Offers Class Credit For Students Who Attend Anti-Trump Teach-In

The indoctrination and brainwashing of college students by unstable liberal college professors has become commonplace in America. Professors and students all across the country still haven’t be able to swallow their pride and accept Donald Trump’s victory.

In another case of college professors gone wild, students at Georgetown University taking a course on the AIDS epidemic were offered class credit for attending an anti-Trump teach in. Professor April Sizemore-Barber told her students in an email that they could submit a reflection and discuss ways to “resist hatred and violence” from Donald Trump’s presidential victory.Georgetown USA

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“You also have the option of attending this teach in event tomorrow and reflecting on its approach to activism, teaching, and on-campus advocacy. Though it does not directly reflect on HIV, your write up should make an effort to relate it to the class and to world events more generally. What will activism look like under trump? [sic]”

According to Campus Reform, “Teach-In for Radical Hope: Sowing Seeds for Liberation,” was described as a workshop to “channel all the anti-Trump rage into a pro-Liberation rhetoric that moves people into action.”

Earlier this month a professor at Orange Coast College in California received heavy criticism after she was caught on camera telling students that Trump’s election was an “act of terrorism”.

Donald Trump’s inauguration will coincide with the new Spring semester on college campuses across the country, ensuring that this liberal absurdity will ensue.

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