ISIS recruiters tells teenage jihadis to ‘BOMB HOME INSTEAD OF TRAVELLING TO SYRIA’

And we are seeing this very thing — on Friday, British police found IEDs planted in the London subway system.

We have seen this new age of terror emerge in the past year, and still our leaders tell us this war is random “violent extremism” and nothing to do with Islam.

Twisted ISIS recruiters tell teenage jihadis to ‘bomb home instead of travelling to Syria’ By Vincent Wood, The Express, Oct 12, 2016ISIS recruiters tells teenage

JIHADI death cult ISIS are begging young supporters to blow themselves up at home instead of travelling to Syria and Iraq to join their increasingly desperate war effort, officials have revealed.

The twisted terror cell has long called for more fighters to join their campaign of hate as they spread across the Middle East.

But as their extremist assault on the region falters and the group lose land as well as the resources to pay their fighters, ISIS have instead decided to tell would-be jihadis to sow the seeds of terror in their home countries.

Belgian official Eric Van der Sypt said: “It’s a new trend, a new tactic of ISIS, which causes us serious concern

“Where Islamic State first tried to recruit fighters who were willing to go to Iraq and Syria, ISIS is now asking new fighters to stay at home and sow death and destruction”.

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The spokesman for the Belgium prosecutors office also claimed the youth are “brainwashed” by the jihadis – who target both boys and girls around the age of 17.

Mr Van der Sypt explained that the “young people are easily influenced”, making them an ideal target for radicalisation. ‘BOMB HOME INSTEAD OF TRAVELLING TO SYRIA’

He added: “It is not easy to control them. And if they are still caught, it is difficult to penalise minors.”

It comes as western forces push to finally take back the city of Mosul in a vital assault against the sick jihadi’s terror empire.

ISIS generals have recruited children as young as eight to defend the city, arming them with knives and guns and asking them to spy on any pro-western informants within the city.

Mosul has been the headquarters of ISIS’ self-declared caliphate in northern Iraq since 2014, and is home to up to 1.5million people.

The furious battle to restore freedom to the city is expected to erupt later this month.

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