Janet Jackson: From Bare Breasted to Burka

So the Islamic world has bought itself a has-been rock star. Another well-paid hollow icon to add to their collection of ciphers, patsys and stooges.janet1

Janet Jackson has gone from baring her breast on the Super Bowl halftime stage to entombing her now considerable heft in the world’s most misogynist, anti-female garment.

What a boob.janet-boob2-800x534

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Janet Jackson is a girl who always needed orders. Security was someone telling her what to do. Born into a family of boys where her father Joe Jackson kicked everyone’s ass, she was the only girl who was successful at what the boys did — music. Through discipline and determination she made it. Her managers told her what to do. She actually married very young in secret — the next man to tell her what to do but that didn’t work out. Her dances were like military marches “rhythm nation.” She loved that lockstep, goosestep “doing what we’re supposed to do.”

Islam is perfect for her, but on her terms.

After Michael Jackson went off the rails in the wake of child sex allegations, Jackson found himself in deep financial trouble. It was at that time the Muslim world acquired another Jackson has-been, Michael. At the end of June 2005 he went to to live in Bahrain. Abdullah Hamad Al Khalifa did him one better. He lavished dollars and attention on Jackson, called him “my brother,” and told media outlets that he had formed “a close personal relationship” with the star.

“Pregnant Janet Jackson covers up belly on walk in London,”

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