Louisiana: Muslima MADE UP story of attack by Trump supporters

On CNN there is an endless stream of Muslims talking about their “fear.” Absurd? Yes — and so once again, when they don’t have the facts to back up their “hate crime” claims, they fake hate crimes. We have seen this again and again. Islamofauxbia is a giant myth: Muslims aren’t attacked and victimized in this country. Again and again we see claims that they have been collapse when it turns out the “hate crime” was committed by Muslims themselves.

“Lafayette PD: UL student made up story about attack, stolen hijab,” by Nick Gremillion, KLFY News, November 10, 2016:

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A University of Louisiana Lafayette student who said she was physically attacked and robbed of her wallet and hijab made up the story, according to the Lafayette Police Department.

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Public Information Officer Karl Ratcliff said police are charging the 18-year-old student with filing a false police report.

The young woman filed a police report Wednesday claiming two white males approached her near the campus, in the 100 block of Smith Street, around 11 a.m.

She also claimed one of the males was wearing a “Trump” hat and they both yelledracial obscenities at her, police said.

As police began to investigate the student’s claims they did not locate any witnesses or surveillance video to corroborate her story….Louisiana

The story of her false attack went viral overnight, gaining the attention of national media outlets.

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