Malaysian cyber security firm complains about The Geller Report as “cyber harassment (religious)”

We received this email from the cyber security firm MyCERT – Cyber999 (cyber999 @

Dear Sir/Madam,

MyCERT received a report from a home user regarding a website under your administration that promotes cyber harassment towards certain religious group. The link to the website is available at:

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As such, we appreciate your cooperation to investigate on this matter and take immediate action to remove the above harassment content.

Your cooperation on the matter is highly appreciated.

Thank You
Kindly retain the above subject header containing [MyCERT-201611211027651] to ensure effective response.

Kind Regards,

They believe we are living under the laws of the sharia. In some cases, they ain’t wrong. Western publications and authorities have been so anxious not to enrage Muslims by doing things such as publishing Muhammad cartoons that they have eagerly adopted sharia censorship without even being asked to do so. This Malaysian cyber firm may understandably have assumed that everyone in the West would eagerly jump to conform to sharia blasphemy laws.

Afiq: the truth isn’t harassment.

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