Muslim clerics say Islamic State “not associated with Islam,” Muhammad “spread the message of peace”

Now if only they can convince the many Muslims streaming into the Islamic State from all over the world, believing that it is associated with Islam and embodies the message of Muhammad, the prophet who ordered the murder of his critics, participated in battles and exhorted others to do so, and told his followers that the supreme god of the universe wanted them to dedicate their lives to killing or subjugating their fellow creatures.

Muslim say Islamic State “not associated with Islam,”

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It is not only sermons against the IS, but heads of mosques have been requested to ensure that speeches at religious gatherings are in tune with the teachings of the Koran and the Hadith. A WhatsApp group, comprising moulvis and clergies of nearly 150 mosques in the city, has been formed to disseminate information to be imparted to the youth.

The letter to the heads of mosques by Mohammed Maqsood Imran, the Imam of Jamia Masjid in the city, warns that the IS and other radical organisations are luring Muslim youth with extremist ideologies that are not associated with Islam. The community will have to pay a price if focus is not on its youth, the letter states.

“Our holy Prophet Mohammed was sent to this world to spread the message of peace and also the Caliph-e-Rashadeen (Hazarath Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman and Ali) carried forward the teachings of the Koran and Prophet Mohammed. Even during the war, Prophet Mohammed had ordered his fellowmen not to harm children, women, aged and unarmed men. Then how can bombing and killing of innocent people be justified?” the letter says….

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