Muslim woman in France brutally beaten by family for dating non-Muslim

Yes, because Islam empowers women. Respect it!

The father threatened his daughter with death over the phone, saying: “If I find you, I’ll kill you.” Righteous!

Millions of Muslims are trying to come to the West seeking to impose this extreme and radical ideology that they believe to be superior to Western law. Welcome, refugees!

Muslim woman in France

By Romina McGuinness, The Express, Nov 18, 2016

A MUSLIM woman was attacked by her own relatives after discovering she had been in a relationship with a Catholic man for three years.

The female attackers said they had tried to “talk some sense” into their cousin – who cut off all ties with her family when she went to live with her non-Muslim boyfriend.

The victim, a 22-year-old nurse whose identity has been kept secret to protect her, told the court the “violent” attack – which took place in January – left her with deep wounds to her face and had forced her to flee her home town of Reims, France, with her so-called ‘infidel’ boyfriend.

The young nurse said her cousins, aged 21 and 27, grabbed her by the hair, kicked and punched her, and verbally abused her during the alleged attack, before forcing her into their car.

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She told the court: “My parents refused to accept my relationship with a Catholic man. My sisters cut off all contact. I’d been shunned. I didn’t want to go home, I wanted to be with my boyfriend. And my cousins wanted him to convert to Islam, which he refused to do.”

The court heard the victim’s father, a hardline Muslim, threatened his daughter with death over the phone saying: “If I find you, I’ll kill you”.

The pair were found guilty of assault and harassment after denying the charged.

Shops in Reims, France

The woman was forced to flee her home town of Reims, France, with her non-Muslim boyfriend

My parents refused to accept my relationship with a Catholic man

Muslim woman

They have now been sentenced to a two month suspended jail sentence and ordered to pay £250 (€300) each and ordered to pay £680 (€800) in legal costs.

The cousins’ lawyer, Daouda Diop, told the French press the court’s ruling was “fair”, before adding the case was a “humdrum family drama” that had been “massively blown out of proportion”.

A Muslim woman

The 22-year-old Muslim nurse has her identity kept a secret to protect her

He said: “My clients are two young Muslim women who are fully integrated into French society. Their cousin was like a sister to them. They were trying to protect her from herself and their disagreement had nothing to do with Islam.”

Simon Miravete, the victim’s lawyer, said that the court’s decision was an “encouraging step forward” and his client would finally be able to “put all the drama behind her”.

He said: “I hope that her family will let her live her life in peace and stop harassing and pressuring her. My client is only 22 and has been forced to live a semi-clandestine life. Her freedom has been taken away.”

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