This hate-filled anti-Israel group known as the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SEAMAC) is at it again, running bus ads in San Francisco that proclaim, “Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights.” As always at AFDI, we’re countering with the truth.

Using the Nazi disinformation template, the SEAMAC ad (above) is a total lie: Muslims serve in the Israeli Knesset and have more rights in Israel than they do in Muslim countries.sf-bus-ads-1-800x433

And so today we are unveiling a new advertising campaign that boldly tells truths about Israel and the Palestinian Authority that the U.S. government and the mainstream media seem determined to obfuscate.

Our new AFDI ad depicts children dressed as jihad terrorists and brandishing guns and knives, in photos taken from Palestinian Authority media, and reads: “The Palestinian Authority Teaches Children to Hate.

End All U.S. Aid to the P.A.” It is set to go up on hundreds of buses in San Francisco.
The public square is increasingly available only to a far-left perspective; other points of view are shut out. But at AFDI, we are not going to accept this. As always, we tell truths other groups fear to tell.

Hamas uses civilians as human shields. Israel uses missiles to protect its people. The Palestinians use their people to protect their missiles. These outrageous falsehoods from SEAMAC must not stand unanswered and will not stand unanswered. Wherever SEAMAC’s blood libels run, we will counter them, or sue for our First Amendment rights if our ads are not approved.pali-ad-afdi-800x600

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The relentless racism and Jew-hatred exhibited by the Muslim world and the American Muslim community furiously steamrolls over good and decent peoples and communities. Think about the billions we are giving to Muslim Brotherhood jihadists in Egypt and Libya, Gaza, Judea and Samaria, the Taliban in Afghanistan, etc.

It’s time the truth be told. We’re telling it in San Francisco, and we’re going elsewhere with this campaign as well. We plan to roll out our new ads not just in San Francisco, but across the country on buses and train stations in major cities.

The media is more relentlessly biased than ever. It has just been revealed that George Soros has spent millions for anti-Israel, pro-Muslim migrant, pro-Iran deal news coverage. We are being fed lies with a relentlessness and guile that would make Goebbels’ head spin.afdi-ads-800x533

That makes our ad campaigns all the more important: not only do we go over the heads of the media to tell the truth to the American people, but we force the media to discuss issues they usually ignore or blandly lie about.

Our truth campaigns are needed more than ever. But without your help, we can’t run a single one.
Will you help us run these pro-Israel, anti-jihad ads in San Francisco and elsewhere? The forces of darkness have endless resources – on our side we have only have the determination of free people. And the truth.
Please donate via paypal to

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