Obama’s Peace Partners: At least 37 killed in Taliban attack on Kandahar airport

Obama said the Taliban is not a terrorist group.

Obama said Afghanistan would not be a source of terror attacks again. The Islamic State has moved into Afghanistan. He is a liar.

When he says we are safe, only a fool or a leftist could believe him.

Afghanistan: At least 37 killed in Taliban attack on Kandahar airport,” India Express, December 9, 2015
Eight people, including civilians and soldiers, have been killed,” Samim Khpalwak, a spokesman for the Kandahar provincial governor, told AFP.


At least 37 people were killed and 35 others wounded when Taliban militants stormed Kandahar airport in southern Afghanistan, with one gunman still resisting security forces, the defence ministry said today. “Nine insurgents have been killed, one other is injured and another one is still holding up against our forces,” the ministry said.

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“Unfortunately during the battle, 37 innocent Afghans were killed and 35 others injured,” it added, without specifying how many of them were civilians. Local residents said they had heard soldiers pleading with the insurgents to free women and children, who were screaming during the fighting that erupted shortly after sundown in the southern city on Tuesday.

One security official told AFP that the assailants held some civilians as “human shields”, which had complicated their clearance operation. The brazen raid on the sprawling compound, which also houses a joint NATO-Afghan base, is the second major Taliban assault in as many days in the city recognised as the birthplace of the Taliban.

The militants had managed to breach the first gate of the high-security complex and took up position in an old school building, engaging security forces in pitched firefights. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, with spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid saying on Twitter that “150 Afghan and foreign soldiers” had been killed in the fierce fighting.

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