San Diego: ANOTHER faked Muslim hate crime, hijabi drops charges

Every “anti-Muslim” attack “incited” by President-elect Trump has been a hoax by Muslims to give proof to the heinous lie of islamofauxbia. “Hate crimes” — a specious criminal designation, as it criminalizes thought — receive harsher sentences because of the special designation.Muslim hate crime, hijabi drops charges

I submit that those who hoax hate crimes should receive even stiffer penalties. They smear whole communities, create hate based on lies and are responsible for the new Leftist bogeyman “fake news.”

In the two months since the election:

Police: Univ of Michigan Muslim student LIED in claiming man threatened to light her on fire unless she removed hijab

Muslim college student made up Trump supporter subway attack story to avoid punishment for missing curfew

Islamophobia HOAX: NY Muslim Yasmin Seweid arrested for filing false report

Texas: Muslim pleads guilty to mosque arson that terror-tied CAIR promoted as “hate incident”

Faked hate in Houston: Muslima claims discrimination at cupcake shop

CNN pushes false narrative of Trump-inspired anti-Muslim crimewave

Louisiana: Muslima MADE UP story of attack by Trump supportershijab

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More faked hate: Investigators find no evidence Muslim child was attacked on school bus

NBC News, January 14, 2017 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):

In the initial report, the victim said two men made comments about President-elect Donald Trump and the Muslim community and then took her purse and backpack

A San Diego State University student who initially reported being pushed and verbally assaulted by two men in a parking garage has decided not to pursue charges, SDSU Police said Tuesday.

A Muslim student wearing a hijab told police she was confronted by two men in a stairwell in the Parking Lot #12 structure on November 10.

She told investigators the men, described as in their early 20s, made comments about President-elect Donald Trump and the Muslim community and then took her purse and backpack.

SDSU Police confirmed the report and launched an investigation into what they described as a hate crime. Eight weeks later, the student was not willing to testify and decided she no longer wanted to pursue the matter criminally, according to police.

In the initial report, police said the men took the woman’s car keys and ran off. The student’s vehicle was missing from the parking garage.

The student’s report of a stolen vehicle was unfounded since the student forgot where she had parked, SDSU Police Lt. Greg Noll said.

“The remaining portion of the investigation included looking at all surveillance video, re-contacting the victim on several occasions and attempting to verify statements related to the entire case,” Noll said.

Although the woman has indicated she was attacked, police have suspended the case because the victim no longer wants to cooperate, Noll said.

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