Sunni jihadists murder 13 Shi’ites on a minibus

The Sunni/Shi’te jihad has killed far more people than the trumped-up propaganda term “Islamophobia.” Yet no one seems particularly concerned about it as a human rights issue. Perhaps too much concern about it would in itself be “Islamophobic.”


“Gunmen kill 13 civilians on a minibus in north Afghanistan,” Reuters, September 5, 2015 (thanks to Lookmann):

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MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan (Reuters) – At least 13 people were killed by gunmen who attacked a minibus in north Afghanistan on Saturday, local officials said.

All victims belonged to the largely Shi’ite Hazara ethnic minority that was persecuted by the hardline Sunni Taliban during their rule in 1996-2001, said Jafar Haidari, district governor of Zari in Balkh province, where the attack took place.

Last month gunmen kidnapped 12 Hazaras from a car in east Afghanistan, days after suspected Taliban fighters kidnapped and killed four Hazaras in the same province.

Nobody immediately claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack. Munir Ahmad Farhad, a spokesman for the Balkh governor, said an investigation team had been sent to the area….

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