Ten Matters That Should Be Election Issues in Canada

Ten Matters That Should Be Election Issues

(1) A significant number of recent immigrants have grossly abused Canada’s income tax system, have regarded Canada as an easy dupe, and have to be held to a severe accounting. A recent Vancouver Sun column by Douglas Todd re-confirmed that Chinese immigrants living in Richmond, B.C. ( as a result of under-reported income revealed to Stats Can ) were classified as “poor”, but lived in mansions. These people live not just in Richmond, but over all of Metro Vancouver and in many other parts of Canada.

(2) This is a major problem. For example, according to UBC Professor David Ley, in the case of Business Immigrants alone, between 1980 and 2001, the Business Immigrant Programme allowed about 330,000 immigrants (BI’s plus their dependents) to enter Canada. That programme was almost a complete failure, yet it was allowed to continue for about 35 years. Almost all BI’s had no intention of conforming to government intentions for the programme : establishing job-creating businesses in Canada.

(3) All of Canada’s cities can take only a limited number of people. Limits have to be established. Metro Vancouver’s population in 1981 was 1.268 million. In 2001, it was 1,986 million. Business Immigrants and dependents alone were completely unnecessary, yet they were permitted entry. They and other unnecessary immigrants have comprised almost all of Metro Vancouver’s 718,000 population increase. Southern Ontario”s population has increased much more —as has immigration-driven gridlock there. Our politicians continue to delude themselves and Canadians into thinking that our cities and the country can take unlimited numbers of people.

(4) Canada’s tax system has to have strong checks to ensure that it has the ability to support Canada’s social services. It cannot tolerate wealthy parasites. As Metro Vancouver lawyer Samuel Hyman recently stated in a Vancouver Sun OP ED, Ottawa sent a very foolish signal to Canada’s home-grown tax cheats and new immigrant cheats when it cut $300 million from the Canada Revenue Agency’s enforcement budget and laid off 3000 auditors in 2012. It sent a similar message when it recently dismissed 61 of its most experienced auditors. These people had the ability to prosecute corrupt international cheats.

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(5) UBC Professor David Ley has clearly shown that relentless immigration demand for housing has been the cause of Metro Vancouver’s astronomic housing prices. Corrupt figures in the immigration lobby and the real estate industry have conspired to conceal the truth and have to be held to a severe accounting. The same applies to governments who have allowed this disaster to unfold.

(6) Our treasonous, government-funded CBC continues to act as the propaganda arm of the immigration lobby . It has betrayed the interests of Canada’s majority population and it too has to be held to a severe accounting.

(7) Unnecessary immigration necessitates costly infrastructure projects. For example, British Columbia’s $8.8 Billion Site C Hydro-electric dam and Metro Vancouver’s $7.5 Billion Transit Infrastructure additions are being built almost solely to prepare for the arrival of another million people in the Metro Vancouver area. Canada has no need for most of them. Almost all will be from offshore.

(8) Canada’s Treason legislation has to be activated to charge the country’s immigration lobby for activities that threaten the existence of Canada’s majority population and give priority to the interests of recently-arrived minorities.

(9) The Economic Council of Canada established in 1990 that immigration has never provided any significant economic benefit to Canada. Also according to veteran economists Herbert Grubel and Patrick Grady, recent immigrants to Canada are now taking up to $30 Billion per year more out of Canada’s economy in transfers (social benefits) than they are contributing in taxes. In 2011, that figure was $23 Billion. In other words, the figure has increased substantially, not decreased.

(10) Unneeded immigration has turned Canada’s federal elections into National Grovelling Campaigns in which many politicians perform countless treasonous, degraded acts in order to get their share of the recent immigrant vote. This is a national disgrace and should never have been allowed to happen, let alone have been permitted to continue for 25 years.

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