Victims of ISIS savagery as they are Beheaded orders of ‘Islamic court’

Victims of ISIS savagery as they are beheaded orders of ‘Islamic court’

Four more ‘Iraqi spies’ become the latest victims of ISIS savagery as they are beheaded on the orders of ‘Islamic court’. Shocking photographs showing the bloody beheading of four alleged spies in Iraq have been released by Islamic State. The images, given the disturbing title ‘Harvesting of Spies’, were taken in the Iraqi province of Salahuddin and published on social media. According to the captions, the four men were accused of being spies for the Baghdad government and had been condemned to death by an Islamic court.


Kneeling in matching black jumpsuits, the four alleged spies are shown with their hands tied behind their backs.

ISIS fighters, three with their faces covered with balaclavas and another wearing a baseball cap, are pictured posing behind their victims with sharp knives.

An ISIS official, carrying a machine gun and with his index finger pointing to the sky, is shown coordinating the execution.

Dressed in a long tunic and wearing a head scarf, the man appears to be a local ISIS governor or judge.

The bearded official steps back and at his command, the four prisoners are beheaded on the tarmac road.

Unusually for a public ISIS execution, no residents seem to have been allowed to witness the killings, despite it being carried out in a public place. The final two photos – too graphic to publish – show the severed heads of the victims.Depraved_The_images_of_the_execution_were_taken_in_the_Iraqi_pro-a-1

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Just last week, footage was released of nine men being executed by ISIS for allegedly being spies.

Each man was forced to give interview before their murder in which they admit to spying on the terror group’s location, movement and armament. All nine of them – blindfolded with hands bound behind their backs – are then escorted outside by masked terrorists who eventually instruct them to kneel and place handguns to their heads.

They pull the triggers without hesitation, sending their victims jerking forward until their limp bodies hit the dusty ground. The masked ISIS commander who introduces the senseless propaganda video says the men ‘were sentenced to death for betraying the religion of Allah’.Isis Screen Grab via Ash Tulett

The graphic footage, filmed in an unknown location in the Middle East, ultimately shows the deceased captives resting perfectly still in a shallow pool of blood. It was the second video of an ISIS execution to surface last week following the brutal mass murder of eight ‘informers’. The terror group justified the killings as vengeance for the military operations against them in Syria and Iraq.Murdered_Militants_claim_the_eight_men_were_informers_engaged_in-a-0

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