Watch VIDEO: Muslim Riots in France Unfettered by Police

Watch the lawless mobs causing mayhem unfettered by police intervention.

This is the poisonous fruit of the left-wing immigration policies run amok.

(Caveat: I am not familiar with the talking head after the footage)

Rioters across Paris and its suburbs have caused significant damage in several neighborhoods in the weeks following an assault on a black youth worker by allegedly racist officers.

Most recently, swarms of hooded youths used Molotov cocktails and bricks to attack Les Ulis commissariat, south west of the French capital, late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

‘All this is the result of complacency in French society, which is the fault of politicians who have governed us for years,’ Le Pen said of the rioting on Sunday.

France’s conservative presidential candidate, Francois Fillon, also blamed the Socialist government of President François Hollande for allowing the violence to break out. (Mail Online)
The riots and violence in this video takes place in Seine-Saint-Denis which was created in January 1968, through the implementation of a law passed in July 1964. It was formed from the part of the Seine department to the north and north-east of the Paris ring road (and the line of the old city walls), together with a small slice taken from Seine-et-Oise.

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Wikipedia: Seine-Saint-Denis has a history as a veritable left-wing stronghold, belonging to the ceinture rouge (red belt) of Paris. The French Communist Party especially has maintained a continued strong presence in the department, and still controls the city councils in cities such as Saint-Denis, Montreuil and La Courneuve. Until 2008, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne were the only departments where the Communist Party had a majority in the general councils but the 2008 cantonal elections saw the socialists become the strongest group at the Seine-Saint-Denis general council (while the Communist Party gained a majority in Allier and lost it in 2015).

Seine-Saint-Denis is the French department with the highest proportion of immigrants: 21.7% at the 1999 census. This figure does not include the children of immigrants born on French soil as well as some native elites from former French colonies and people who came from overseas France. The ratio of ethnic minorities is difficult to estimate accurately as French law prohibits the collection of ethnic data for census taking purposes. However estimates suggest there are 500,000 Muslims out of a total population of 1.53 million (32.7%). Saint-Denis is home to the Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF) in the Bourget district, which annually hosts one of Europe’s major Muslim conferences, Paris-le-Bourget.
In 2005, 56.7% of young people under 18 were of foreign origin including 38% of African origin (22% from Maghreb and 16% from Sub-Saharan Africa). Islam is believed to be the most practiced religion in the department.

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