III am more afraid before this election than I have been ever before. As a former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board and an immigration and refugee lawyer I am well versed about country conditions and conflicts throughout the world. I have been lectured by my many Middle East clients, including scores of refugee claimants fleeing Sharia law and Muslim friends about the serious threat of Islamism and invasive sharia law into Canada, As such, my fear is not a knee jerk reaction to the present election campaign.

Act for CanadaI’m actually frightened about what will happen to Canada if the Liberals win the election. I am frightened that that security in Canada will be compromised when Trudeau opens the floodgates to thousands of un-vetted, inadequately screened Middle East migrants. The Washington Post reported on September 23, and we now know that the majority of those 500,000 migrants who swept into Europe are, in fact not Syrian refugees but mostly young men between the ages of 18 and 35 and non-Syrians.  ISIS had warned back in February 2015, reported in British and Italian press,  that it would unleash 500,000 Middle East migrants into Europe to wage psychological war and infiltrate the mass wave of migrants with their jihadists. ISIS had already declared war against Canada. We cannot compromise Canada’s security.

I scoff at Trudeau’s suggestion that Canada should once more become a nation of peacekeepers as during his father’s time. He clearly does not know world history. It is utterly ludicrous to suggest that peacekeepers would serve any purpose in Syria and Libya – to keep peace between ISIS, other terrorist elements and Assad’s forces? –  Into Afghanistan to stop Al Qaeda and the Taliban, into Nigeria to make peace with the Boko Haram etc .?

Seemingly repeating history without learning its lessons and inspired by Chamberlain, he pledges to re-establish diplomatic relations with Iran, the foremost state sponsor of various terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Iran also keeps tabs on the Iranian diaspora through its embassies, spies and funds terrorist recruiters throughout Europe and North America. “Peace in our times” echoing the famous words of Chamberlain as he concluded a peace treaty with Hitler, Trudeau would cozy up to this terrorist state which executes adherents to Baha’I faith, homosexuals, journalist, dissidents and threatens to nuke Israel.

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He would revoke the new citizen ship law provision that provides for the revocation of Canadian citizenship of dual citizens who commit terrorism or treason. How very generous of him towards terrorists and traitors. Perhaps he is unaware that the revocation of citizenship has existed in Canada for decades for misrepresentation and fraud. If no one objected to the fraud/ misrep provision for decades past then it seems logical that terrorism, treason and serious criminality merit the revocation of citizenship. And it is not unfair nor sinister. The United States and western European countries have similar legislation in place.

In keeping with Trudeau’s leniency towards Islamism and the toxic misogynistic ideology of Sharia law, he does not object to the niquab in Canada. Many of my Middle Eastern clients and Muslim friends have explained to me that the niquab is not a question of religion but of barbaric tribal customs from Afghanistan enforced by the Taliban in areas it controls in Afghanistan.   Muslim Turkey and secular France and Belgium have banned the niquab. The three are democratic countries. France implemented the niquab ban in 2010 which was upheld by European Human Rights Court in 2014. The niquab is the symbol of misogynistic sharia law that has no place in Canada.
Another Trudeau pledge is to expand safe injection sites across Canada. I travel to Vancouver 4 – 5 times a year to visit family who live in Burnaby. To go downtown, I must take Hastings Street and each time must drive through the through Safe injection neighbourhood of E. Hastings St., a decrepit, lawless, poverty stricken section of downtown Vancouver. Drug dealers openly sell their poisons with impunity. There is no law enforcement or order in this neighborhood. Yet Trudeau would open up more injection sites across Canada and turn other core downtown neighborhoods into the urban equivalent of the badlands of the wild west of yore.

And last but not least, Trudeau was elected an M.P and later, leader of the Liberal Party, not on his own merit, experience or intelligence, butonly because he is the son of the late PET. And he seems to be surrounded by young, inexperienced advisors which makes me shudders to think that Trudeau and his team of amateurs would be in charge of Canada’s destiny.

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